Disease Alerts

Updates on current disease outbreaks are listed here as they occur and will include the date listed, disease name, location and current status. Specific premises will not be named but the general location by town, county and state will be listed. When locations, events or horses are at risk they will be listed. Updates will be posted as they are received.

Owyhee County, ID
Outbreak Identifier: 5911
Alert ID: 3352
September 22, 2023
Confirmed Case(s) - No Quarantine

State Department of Agriculture

Number Confirmed: 1; 
Number Suspected: Unknown; 
Number Exposed: Unknown; 
Age: 12; Gender: Gelding; Breed: Quarter Horse (QH); Onset of Clinical Signs: 9/20/2023;
Clinical Signs: Vaccinated 9-11-23, unknown vaccine history prior. Dull on presentation, mild, inconsistent muscle fasciculations.; Confirmation Date: 9/22/2023; Horse Status: Unknown; Vaccination Status: Unvaccinated;