Disease Alerts

Updates on current disease outbreaks are listed here as they occur and will include the date listed, disease name, location and current status. Specific premises will not be named but the general location by town, county and state will be listed. When locations, events or horses are at risk they will be listed. Updates will be posted as they are received.

Simcoe County, ON
Outbreak Identifier: 6114
Alert ID: 3567
February 02, 2024
Confirmed Case(s) - Voluntary Quarantine


Number Confirmed: 1; 
Number Suspected: Unknown; 
Number Exposed: Unknown; 
Facility Type: Boarding Facility; 

Horse 1: 
Age: 5; Gender: Gelding; Onset of Clinical Signs: 1/28/2024; Clinical Signs: Several horses at this facility have had fever, swollen legs and lethargy, with the latter lasting for about 4-5 days before recovery takes place. This particular gelding was the only horse tested and testing occurred after many of the horses had recovered. This gelding had extreme lethargy and was dragging its hind hooves. It was possibly very mildly ataxic on neurologic testing. A nasal swab taken from this gelding was positive for EHV-1 on PCR.; Horse Status: Recovering; 

Comments: Two horses from the facility, that were not showing any clinical signs, attended a performance clinic before the results for this gelding were received. No direct contact was reported to have occurred between these horses and other horses at the clinic. This is the time of year when many different performance clinics for various disciplines are taking place. Horse owners are reminded to observe biosecurity protocols both when away at other facilities and at home, and to monitor their horses for general signs of "sickness" such as fever, lethargy, abnormal nasal discharge, ataxia, swollen limbs or lymph nodes. Horse owners should contact their veterinarian if they occur. This facility has implemented voluntary animal movement restrictions and is under veterinary supervision.;