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Coronavirus Disease Resources and Updates

The Equine Disease Communication Center is committed to helping owners stay current on the fast-changing health recommendations surrounding the COVID-19 health crisis. As always, our priority has been to protect and improve the health and horses in North America. In order to help mitigate and protect horses from the spread of disease and help keep you and your horse safe, we have created this resource center that will be updated as necessary to reflect the current information.

What We Know about COVID-19

Equine Coronavirus and COVID-19 are NOT the same

The equine coronavirus (ECoV) and COVID-19 are two distinct RNA viruses. ECoV can cause gastrointestinal disease in horses with signs of fever, depression, diarrhea and colic. To date there is no evidence that COVID-19 causes disease in horses or other animals.

 For more information about the differences in equine coronavirus (ECoV) and COVID-19 go to the EDCC’s comparison and for more information about ECoV go to the owner fact sheet.

Horse Owner Resources

Additional Resources